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Re: [pct-l] ADZPCTKO-Stove Contest, Homemade Gear Contest

We will be there with our homemade backpacks.  The packs are based on a
smaller Frostline rucksack, which we enlarged.  We copied a hip belt based
on a Lowe pack.  The webbing has been reduced to 1/2" in the shoulder strips
and 11/2" in the hip belt.  All and all my pack weights just at about a
pound and my wife's a little less.  The packs work very well,   We have
about 500 miles on them.  Including 200 miles of cross country, in the

It will be great to see all the old and new faces, and to wish all the
rookies good luck and good hiking.

By the way we will bring Charles who hiked the PCT in '93.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens
PCT '96

P.S.  Does any one know if Meadow Ed will be there?
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