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Re: [pct-l] Effects of a thruhike

<< Joanne-  Aren't you glad that you jumped back on the trail -- and 
finished!!  >>

Don't know if it is relevant in any way to Joanne's experience, but I  would 
like to repeat, for those hikers who are just starting out on the trail, a 
bit of sage advice which has appeared on this list in other years and been 
helpful to some.  

You have a decision to make when you feel like quitting, for whatever reason. 
 You may decide many times to continue but, when you decide once to quit, 
you're done.  It may be the right choice, but when you feel like you've had 
enough of the trail, try taking break for a day or three in town at a decent 
motel before making the final decision to go home.     
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