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RE: [pct-l] Effects of a thruhike

Joanne, I totally relate to what you just said.  I'm having a serious case
of "PCT Fever" right now.  Llast year at this time I was just about to head
to Campo to begin my PCT trek.  As hard as it was at times, I sure miss it!

David "Longwalker" Long
Seattle, WA

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From: "Joanne Lennox" <goforth@cio.net>
And now I am realizing (along with Toubadour and BigHummel), that spring
will never come again without a large part of me yearning to start another
such journey.  Taking a walk in the woods, enjoying the spring time, etc.
does not take the edge off it at all  - it seems to aggrevate the sense of

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