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[pct-l] PCT Water Cache - Laguna

Attention: Class of 2000

On April 21, ADZPCTKO Volunteers established a water cache along the PCT in 
the Laguna Mountains. 

The cache is located on the PCT approximately 2 trail-miles north of Pioneer 
Mail Trailhead Picnic Area. (See map A-9; find the "D" in 'Anza Borrego 
Desert State Park.') There are 3 consecutive trail blazes just prior to 
reaching the cache ... not that anyone could miss seeing 20+ plastic jugs 
beside the trail. The cache consists of gallon jugs of water secured by a 
chain to prevent wind-blown litter when empty. (Empty jugs are not reused. If 
hikers have trash to dispose of, place it inside an empty jug and we'll 
dispose of it properly when we replenish the cache.)

This cache will be replenished on a calendar basis, as we have no way of 
knowing when all the jugs have been emptied. Note: It is POSSIBLE that some 
hikers may find the jugs empty when they arrive. Be prepared with an 
alternate plan.

Have a safe hike north,
Charlie Jones
Cheryl Mason
Jim Mason 
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