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Re: [pct-l] Cannisters

I used to carry a Gaz stove, circa 1976.  I still have it and I still use
it.  I also have some cannisters on my shelf which still have the 99 cent
price tags on them.  I have switched over to the little alcohol homemade
stove I call the Little Cheapo.  The stove and winscreen are integrated, and
I agree with Tom in that the windscreen is crucial.  Carrying the right
stove isn't going to work for you if 50% of your heat is lost to the wind.
Your stove has to be efficient in delivering its heat output to the pot.

When I was carrying the Gaz stove, I found that an effective windscreen that
would last for two weeks could be fashioned quite nicely from a small sheet
of heavy duty Reynolds wrap. See, Tom, not only do I agree with you, but I
plug your company as well.  Hike on!!  Bob Riess

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* From the PCT-L |  Need help? http://www.backcountry.net/faq.html  *