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[pct-l] Stoves and Budgets

RE: Tom's favorite little canister's are also fine if you can you can find

I am a section hiker that walks the trail to enjoy the environment. As such,
while I understand the camaraderie that often accompanies a town stop, I
don't see that experience as personally enjoyable. Therefore, in planning my
rather long [500 mile] section hike for 2002 I am trying to reduce or
eliminate the time spent off the trail. If a thruhiker shares my attitude
about town stops, it is a simple matter to mail propane/butane canisters
ahead to wherever the resupply points are. My view is that the issue of
butane/propane canister availability is a "red herring". This problem is
easily solvable--if the person wants to solve it. I will bring my
propane/butane stove and my BakePacker to ADZPCTKO and will cook chocolate
cake for my friend Monte. Then everyone can see why I like this approach.

I think that alcohol stoves are popular because of their elegance. There is
something cool about making a stove out of a tuna can that uses a cheap
liquid available anywhere. The alcohol stove is the "VW Beetle" of the
camping equipment world. Further, there is a challenge and an elegance about
"living off the land" which, these days, is hiking from Kennedy Meadows with
only Beer Nuts because that's all the store had. "Planning? Who needs it?
Not a pioneer like ME!"

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