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[pct-l] Stoves for the forest

 I too was an Alcohol hater, but Alcohol's advantages are they're super light 
and fun to make. I own the largest collection of stoves in the Northwest bar 
none and have the choice of whatever. If using a gas stove on the PCT, I'd 
take a Svea with an 8R a close second and a whisperlight a distant third 
choice. ( The MSR's are still my favorite snow or climbing stove though )  
The Svea is as classic as it gets and will be cooking still when your grand 
kids inherit from you. Zip stoves weigh slightly less than a 55 gallon drum 
and offer no advantage other than burning sticks which can be done for 16 oz. 
less by just leaving the piece of metal at home. The Svea will burn unleaded 
with the best of them and simmers well. Alcohol stoves weigh in the 3 oz 
range and aren't picky what kind of alcohol you dump in them. Of course Tom's 
favorite little canister's are also fine if you can you can find the 
canisters. Carrying the alcohol is much easier than packing white gas as 
Joann has shown, by using any old plastic pop bottle.
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