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[pct-l] Shop as you go resupplying

Marshall wrote:
>I am beginning to appreciate the approach of buying supplies along the way 
>> measuring and packing ... measuring and packing ... measuring and packing
>> ... is getting very tedious. Spreading it out would sure make this more
>> enjoyable - IF I COULD GET WHAT I WANT along the way.<<

Everyone, in case you have not seen the web site of Chris Bailey & Jen
Willhelm, check it out!  They have a section on "Shop as you go
resupplying".  It's a great PCT thru-hike site, too!

Brick, thanks for the photos from Campo!  Brings back many memories and
feelings about starting a thru-hike.

Roger Carpenter
P.O. Box 651 
Vancouver, WA  98666
(360) 696-1746

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