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RE: [pct-l] ADT

		I've been slowly planning a bike route through all 48 states
in one continuous trip.  It occurred to me that ultralight could really be
applied to long distance bike touring: even on the most scenic of routes,
you pass towns, stores, motels, etc. all the time.  The safety factor is
much less severe than ultra light thru-hiking.  You don't have to carry days
worth of food because stores are always available.  But I've looked around
the net and can't find anything that applies the ultra light principles to
touring...everyone seems to lug around a lot of stuff ...odd.  Any
ideas/thoughts on this?
		Just two days ago, the inspiration hit me: to bike back home
to the east coast after 
		my PCT hike this year. Couldn't be any more expensive than
flying on a last 
		minute fare, and a whole lot more interesting.

		- Blisterfree


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