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[pct-l] Shin splints

Hello All - 
I have been training for a summer hike on the JMT by hiking 2 to 3 times per 
week on a local mountain range. I hike pretty steep hills for a couple of 
hours with very little level hiking. I used to jog to stay in shape but I 
haven't since I began hiking several months ago.  Lately I have wanted to 
break up my hiking routine with some running and suddenly I can't seem to run 
for more than a mile before my shins start burning like crazy. Are hiking and 
running mutually exclusive? I have never bothered with stretching before 
hiking or running and it seems difficult to work the muscles or ligaments in 
the shins with stretching anyhow. I really don't care if I can't run, but I'm 
afraid I will eventually develop shin problems hiking day after day if I 
don't address it now. Does anyone have any experience with this or any 

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