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[pct-l] PCT Water Cache

Attention: Class of 2000

On April 16, members of the PCT Section of the San Diego Chapter of the 
Sierra Club established a water cache in the San Felipe Hills for PCT 

The cache is located on the PCT just a few feet north of the third gate 
approximately 13 trail miles from Scissors Crossing. (See map A-12, section 
2, near the top of the page.) The cache consists of gallon jugs of water 
secured by an orange nylon cord. 

This cache will be replenished on a calendar basis, as we have no way of 
knowing when all the jugs have been emptied. It is possible that some hikers 
may find the jugs empty when they arrive. 

Should one find that the water bottles are empty; there is off-trail water in 
Grapevine Canyon at the W-W (read 'W bar W') Ranch. 

To reach the W-W Ranch, follow the obvious spur trail leading east into 
Grapevine Canyon. The spur trail is about 10 yards north of the water cache 
and branches off to the right (east). It is blocked by a row of rocks and 
sticks to indicate "not PCT," I suppose. The signed PCT continues due north 
at this point.

For water, follow the spur trail about 0.75 miles east to a tall, square 
fence post by a jeep road. Follow the jeep road to your left until you pass 
through a wide gate (10-feet or so). Follow the fence line to your left to 
reach the caretaker's house. Four (or more) barking dogs will let your 
presence be known. The caretaker, if in residence, will probably come out to 
meet you. Both the owner (Richard) and the caretaker (David) are aware of the 
PCT and have given their permission for hikers to come on private property 
for water.

Hikers should return to the PCT to camp unless specifically invited by the 
owner or caretaker to camp in Grapevine Canyon.

Have a safe hike north,
Charlie Jones (for the PCT Section of the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra 

Alternative Route to W-W Ranch:

I have also been given directions to the Ranch from a point closer to 
Scissors Crossing. (Thanks, Pat and Paul of Kamp Anza.)

Their description reads:

“Walk north from Scissors Crossing to the first pipe gate at mile 8.5 and 
continue to the second pipe gate. Thirty minutes farther walking past this 
second pipe gate, look for a duck and rock lettering GVC (Grapevine Canyon). 
Turn right here and scramble up a short hill for approximately 25 feet to a 
firebreak. Follow the firebreak DOWNHILL to the ranch (1 mile).”

In 1999, I personally observed an owner-posted sign that read, "Water 1-mile 
W-W." The sign was along the PCT about 1 mile south of the third gate 
(perhaps 12 miles from Scissors Crossing). This may, or may not, be the same 
location as described above. (C. Jones)
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