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[pct-l] Fuller Ridge

There was a post recently requesting information on trail conditions in
various areas. I walked from Idelwild to Fuller Ridge Trailhead Remote
Campsite this weekend with Scott and Rick whom I met on the Idyllwild list.
There was a minor storm on Friday. We encountered intermittent snow on the
trail as we climbed from Junction Saddle to the junction with the Wellmans
Cienaga Trail (9030). From there until just before the North Fork San
Jacinto River the trail was largely snow free. Beyond the junction with the
San Jacinto Peak Trail there was about a mile of snow with out tracks. The
next couple of miles were relatively snow free. On Fuller Ridge itself the
north faces were snow covered. The others were generally snow free. We were
in light gear with running shoes and trekking poles. Apart from some
challenges with rout finding and a couple of areas of hard snow on side
hills we were not overly challenged. We did not have ice axes or feel the
need for them. The forecast calls for another storm in the next couple of
days. Unless conditions change dramatically it seams that those who are
departing at the end of April should not have much problem with snow at
least until Mt. Baden Powell.

FN:Read Miller