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[pct-l] Hot weather

Took the granddaughter and we did the 36 miles from Lost Valley Road to
Pines /Palm Hiway in Section B.  Lost Valley road is where I came out due
to the Forest Fire last Fall.
The first day we went in at one p.m. and manage to get to the water tanks
at Chihuahua Road by 6.15 about 9 miles.  The temperature was 95 degrees
Second day we got to Tule Canyon Road  and the Spring. at about 4 p.m.
and hiked a mile or so further after tanking up.  the weather was still
95 degrees plus and we tried sitting out from 1.30 to 3.30.
this did not help.  We slept on the trail.Did about 11 miles
Third day
Still 95 degree weather, Nance Canyon had a small flow of water.
Hiked about 11 miles and tried stopping every 3 hours and eating and
The weather was really, really hot and I (being one of those little old
ladies- so take it easy guys) did not have the endurance to go longer
days in the heat.
Still have about 4 or so miles, so left that for the morning.
At midnight the wind is howling and the sky is full of clouds, We then
put up the tarp. Left early in the a.m. and walked in really cold winds
(wonderfull feeling) and got to the cafe about a mile from the trailhead
before the skys let loose with wind and rain and hail.

So think I have been initiated again for what is to come after the
Kickoff when I go back in at Palm.to Pines.
Marge  (the old gal)

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