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[pct-l] AT lover's live in a dream!!!

 First of all, I would not waste 5 months to thru-hike the AT. Not when the 
CDT or PCT or Olympics or British Columbia is so close offering so much more. 
I would visit Maine in  the fall only. The rest of the AT , you eastern 
lovers can keep. Martin never asked and questions why his pack was lighter on 
the PCT other than new light gear. You need to only read your guide book to 
see areas on the PCT where water is to be packed for over 30 miles. The 
resupply points are farther apart. YOU NEED TO PACK FOOD FARTHER ON PCT. If 
storms are bad on the AT, you have only to hike to one of the many shelters. 
The blind guys trip was outstanding, but just shows the level of trail the AT 
is. Steepest is nothing compared to Forester Pass at 13,000 in a late spring 
storm. Many former AT thru-hiker shirk the heart of the Sierra's due to lack 
of Snow and route finding skills. I could talk about this till I'm blue, but 
the AT is  a shorter, lower, more civilized, shelter lovin social scroll. You 
crack me up Martin, your a gas as is Karen. Long live the AT, toughest trail 
of alltime!!!!!!!!  YUK YUK
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