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Re: [pct-l] final questions??

> I really like  m k dixon's approach to problem solving! If you really want
> do something bad enough you"ll find a way. Put the hike on credit if you
> to. I've had many people tell me "gee, I'd like to hike the PCT. but blah
> blah blah". Excuses are easy to find.

Yeah that is so true!  I say just get out on the trail and deal with the
problems from there.  Better to have started the trail then to not get on it
at all no matter how much your finances suck.  I was planning to bring an
expensive digital camera on trail but I ran over on my new equipment
allocation fund so I'm just using my old photo scanner in my drift
box..nothing cannot be over come..unless its a broken foot or
something..even then I heard of this one guy who wanted to hike ON HIS
HANDS..so maybe that's possible too!

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