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Re: [pct-l] which trail is harder

Karen writes:

<< But even so, some 70 - 85 percent of potential thru-hikers fail to finish 
the AT -- the completion rate on the PCT is much higher  >>

Huh?  Where do you get your figures from?  I have heard that the completion 
percentage on the AT is much higher than the 25 to 30% you suggest here (what 
are my sources? I don't know).   And the PCT completion rate much higher than 
this?  It is a rare year when this many complete in my understanding and 

Which is harder?  Who cares?  Anyone who does, should go out and hike all 
three and then decide for themselves (and keep it to themselves, because 
nobody else gives a rats ass).  

The testosterone is flowing again on this list.  Monte, aren't you in charge 
of keeping this in check?  

Go out and hike and STAY OUT!

Greg "Strider" Hummel         .  .  .  who is stuck inside ;-( 
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