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[pct-l] AT verses the PCT

 How can someone have enough guts to finish a PCT hike , but fish out on the 
lower and shorter AT?? I have many friends who have completed both trails 
trails and also claim the AT as a " Cakewalk " compared the the PCT's frozen 
passes, attitude. deserts and the like!!! The PCT offers a more remote than a 
hiking enviroment than the AT ever could. If a person says many PCT finishers 
fail to complete the AT, then an even higher number of AT finishers whimp out 
on the PCT. Facts are the PCT is a longer, higher trail with far more 
extremes than the AT. Distances between food resupplying is also far greater. 
If Gramma Gatewood would have brought her laudry bag and sneekers over to the 
PCT, they would have have found her frozen at the base of forrester pass.
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