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[pct-l] Trail angels

Is it trail magic if it's expected?

I have a problem with hikers having expectations that kind people will
take care of them. Yes, I know it happens - often, if you're lucky.  But
it seems to diminish the gift if it's expected.   And sometimes when it's
expected, it won't be there, then what do you do?  

Last year we reached Pie Town NM on a Monday in November.  For those who
haven't been there, it is a very very small town.  There is no store, no
gas station, just a post office and a cafe, and two people in town who
are famous for being super trail angels.  We looked forward to that town.
 But when we got there, we discovered that the cafe is closed on Mondays,
the trail angels were out (one was gone for the winter) and the water at
the park had been turned off.  Our disappointment was all the greater
because we had heard such great things about the kindness that all the
other hikers met there.  

An unexpected gift of kindness means so much, especially when you are far
from home.  The offer of water in the desert, a muffin from a passing
stranger, a place to stay on a cold and rainy day, and many more
instances of unexpected kindness, they all were part of our hike.  But
the "trail magic" that was expected was sometimes a disappointment and
wasn't always there. 

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