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[pct-l] PCT 2000 Hiker

Hello to Annie & The Salesman!  I'm another one of this year's and want to 
thank you for the info. you sent out to the PCT-L digest on March 14.  As I 
don't have a Vol. II guidebook & will be leaving for Campo/ADZPCTKOP at 
Morena on the 28th, I'm "improvising" my resupply boxes for my husband before 
I go.  Your mail drop list is a big help.  I can get quite a bit of info. 
from the 1999 Town Guide but I still have a couple of questions:

Hyatt Lake I note is UPS only & you gave address - ok.
Crater Lake Lodge - is the Crater Lake Camp Store you gave the one at Mazama    
Village where the campground is?  UPS or mail best?
Cascade Summit/Shelter Cove Resort - I note UPS only & you gave address - ok.
Elk Lake Resort - I assume mail to the P.O. box you provided?
Olallie Lake - do you know if UPS or mail is best?
Timberline Lodge - UPS or mail to the address you provided?
Cascade Locks - I note P.O. - ok.
Stabler Country Store - somewhere I got info. that it's 8 miles off trail, 
where/how did   you get there?  Any other details?
White Pass - you provided an address, but Town Guide says "Kracker Barrel" 
with    no address - which?
(Is it at all feasible to go directly from Cascade Locks to White Pass?)
Snoqualmie Pass - Is the Best Western you mentioned what the Town Guide calls 
    the Summit Inn?  Did you send your resupply there?  Mail or UPS?
Skyhomish - luckily 2 other PCTA board members have relatives near Seattle 
who     said between the 2 of them they'll get somebody to meet me so think 
I'm ok  there (I'm traveling solo so really don't want to hitchhike if 
 Stehekin - if mail is best, do you recommend just General Delivery, Stehekin 
WA  98852?  (I'm sure there'll be lots of hikers taking the busride.)

Hey, I think I saw you two on Lynne Whelden's Lightweight Backpacking video - 
it was great, thanks for the tips!

I'll cc this to the digest also in case info. of help to others.

Best regards,

Laraine Kate Downer
"Uphill Wandr'r" PCT 2000
Member Board PCTA
Member ALDHA-West

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