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Hello friends-
I just started subscribing to this list (digest mode) the other day and 
thought I would say hello.  My trailname is Israel and I have done two 
thru-hikes on the A.T. (GA-PA 93, NE in 97, GA-ME 98)and lots of general 
traveling inbetween.  Over the miles I have evolved into lighterweight 
techniques- down to about 15 lbs. gear and trail runners, tarp, etc.  I 
wouldn't say I've gotten into ultralight, just practical lightweight.  I'm 
currently living in Atlanta and admittedly enjoying a divinely beautiful 
spring evening.  The trees are GREEN!
Anyway, I have been thinking about a PCT thruhike (next year?) lately and am 
going to try and do the JMT this summer if I can get away from work.  I have 
to confess though- the entire trail seems very nebulous to me and planning 
mail drops and resupplying seems a jumbled mess.  WHereas the A.T. is very 
straightfoward and easy to resupply, from my readings thus far, it seems 
like a lot of off-PCT travel is required to get some vittles. SO, my current 
Where would you all start to get an idea of organizing the logistics of a 
PCT thru hike??  I've read Jardine's PCT handbook and I've got the JMT guide 
and I've seen Jardine's new book but am not planning on buying it.  Can 
these logistical details be ironed out by simply purchasing the actual trail 
guides for the states (you know- those big heavy books)?  Forgive me for 
asking so soon in the game!  I ought to go ahead and just buy the darn 
things and see what I can come up with and THEN ask around if still 
confused, but I'll try now anyway.  Are there other books/resources that 
would be good to plan trip logistics?  Right now I am planning on getting 
the PCT data book and maybe the trail guides (or at least CA for now)as 
well.  If the data book is like the A.T. data book, it ought to be good to 
get an idea of distances between towns, camping, etc.  Trail guides for the 
details of climbs, etc.
Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated.


"Let love and faithfulness never leave you. Bind them around your neck.  
Write them on the tablet of your heart." -Proverbs 3:3
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