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Re: [pct-l] BOUNCE pct-l@backcountry.net: Non-member submission from ["Sandra Angle" <jangles7@earthlink.net>] (fwd)

>Thanks for the info.  We think we will be thru sometime in early to
>mid-July.  We started from Mex. April 1 and plan to continue thru to Kennedy
>Meadows by June 15.  We hear the snow pack is above normal--what is your
>take?  We have been advised to send a drop box to Kennedy Meadows Resort and
>Pack Station.  Does that make sense?

Well, you can do it. If you catch a ride, hitching, it is 20 minuted 
down 108 to the west, then a 15 minute walk back in the side-road to 
the pack station. Hitching on 108 has always been hard for me-- 
probably easier for women. My 30 years' of experience with Kennedy 
Meadows Pack Station, is that they are very hiker-unfriendly, but 
they will do business with you. They have a crummy little store, a 
crummy little cafe/bar, too much cigarettes and booze, and 
over-priced rooms and cabins. But...

If you would like, you can give us an ETA when you leave Tuolumne 
Meadows, and one of us will pick you up. We can get you down to 
Kennedy, or bring you in to Twain Harte or Sonora, for a complete 
clean-up and shopping spree. Let us know, when you decide.

No question that we've got a big, healthy snow pack-- 110% average, 
the last time I looked. You will certainly be crossing a lot of 
melting snow, and high streams, south of Sonora Pass. When you hit 
108, you will be home, free, until northern Washington.
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