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[pct-l] Internet access

> We kept an E-mail list and posted it with journal entries from various
> computers along the trail.  Here are some of the locations we used:
> Paul and Pat's at Kamp Anza
> Internet cafe at Wrightwood
> The Saufley's at Aqua Dulce
> White's Motel in Mojave
> Internet cafe at Lone Pine
> Computer store in South Lake Tahoe
> Pooh's Corner at Donner Pass
> The restaurant at Old Station
> Internet Cafe in Sisters
> The city library in Cascade Locks
> When I couldn't get to a computer I would call our son who would post an
> update to the mailing list from his computer.  I also wrote a series of
> newspaper columns which are on the web at www.aldha.org/pct99.htm. 
> Between the E-mail list and the columns we really felt the support of
> people following us.  People seemed to appreciate the opportunity to be a
> part our hike.
> Annie and the Salesman
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