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Re: [pct-l] A very important question

In a message dated 4/6/00 12:48:02 AM PCT, Dharmabum writes:

<< What is the best Pub on the PCT? >>

All right, you've got my vote for both ....  You want to meet a trail angel?  
Stop in at the Wildwood Inn, just W. of Seiad Valley (where the PCT continues 
N. up the hill (!)), and meet Ashley Regan.  (I've heard from others that Ash 
sometimes visits from another planet but, hey, it's northern CA.)  He and all 
the folks at Wildwood will be glad to see you, and will treat you right even 
if you don't smell so good.  Try the outdoor shower!  

On the other hand, the Blue Ox Tavern in the basement of Timberline Lodge at 
Mt. Hood is a welcome touch of CiviliZation after too long on the Oregon 
(PCT) Trail.  

Visited both in '99 ....  Not going to say that one's better than the other, 
just different.  Enjoy!
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