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[pct-l] ALL 3 - Three big trails in a year???

I have not said I will attempt all three (yet), but I am thinking about it.

After some additional thought, I was thinking about a April south to north
PCT, a November south to north AT, then end with a April south to north CDT.
This would give a "break" (not saying the AT is easy) between the two harder

I have not hiked the AT at all what kind of weather conditions would a
November south to north AT run into?  -20 degree conditions?  Colder?

If any of you could see me and the slightly overweight condition I am in you
would laugh at the possibility of me completing one trail not to mention
three trails.  This alone would be a driving force to do it.  Just Do It!
(Getting ready for those Nike adds)


How would one prove they had hiked the entire trails?  If someone did it
there would no doubt be skeptics.
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