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[pct-l] On the prospects of thruriding

Well, I am opting out of the PCT this spring for preparations for another
PCT thru adventure in 2002.

This one I hope to do as a thrurider.

This is not because I do not like walking, it is because I like animals, I
am tired of being alone, I know nothing about horses, and trying to keep
myself, a horse, and a mule healthy on a 3,000 mile journey holds a certain
fascination (you can read insanity if you wish).  The horse people feel
this is just about as crazy as the hikers do.  As far as I can tell only 2
people have managed to accomplsih this feat ( a third person rode the
majority of the PCT in one year but skipped a sizeable chunk of the
Sierras).  There have been a number of PCT section thruriders.

I hope to apply some of the lightweight principles i have used in
backbacking and climbing to this venture.  And have been pondering the
principles of saddle design and horse anatomy.  It would be best if I could
do this on a single horse, but right now this seems unrealistic and would
require a constant support person following with trailer, feed, water,
shoeing requirements,etc.

I would also prrefer to have another rider for saftey reasons, so if
anybody out there runs accross some other like minded crazy, please point
them in my direction.

I have acquired my first horse: Ben is a 13 year old Paso Fino guilding
with a calm disposition, lots of experience and heart, and personality (he
picks up his feed dish brings it over to me and wiggles it to try to get
more grain).  This is a going horse and it is difficult to keep him at a
walk, and his corteo gait can be as smooth as silk.  We are educating each
other and it is for this reason that I have opted out of going on the PCT
this spring.

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