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[pct-l] Introduction and Comments

> Hello All,
>      Myself and Katrina Kole will be starting our PCT thru-hike on April
> 21st or 22nd.  Our goal is to complete the hike by September 22nd.  I am
> years old, but Katrina is considerably younger.  This trip has been a
> life-long goal of mine since I hiked into Desolation Wilderness in 1968 at
> the age of 9.  We have been preparing and training for this trip since
> 2/14/00.  I am an experienced backpacker, but have never taken a trip over
> 3 1/2 weeks.  I have hiked most sections in Central California and sampled
> many areas in Northern California and Oregon.  Additionally, I have hiked
> some 300+ miles of the Florida Trail and 200+ miles of the Appalachian
> Trail.  Katrina is a novice hiker with exceptional stamina, physical
> ability, and a love for the outdoors.
>      Our plan includes 26 resupply points, no crampons, no umbrella, full
> tent (Kelty Zen), no pads, dragonfly stove, and titanium fuel bottle and
> cookpot (2 qt.).  We are doing our best to keep pack weights down, but
> water and food weight are real problems.  Expect weights for Katrina's
> to range between 19 and 29 lbs and mine between 24 and 37 lbs.  This
> includes water and food, but not base (worn clothing.  I consider this to
> be light to medium pack weights.  Ultra-light doesn't seem to suit us.
> longest time between resupply is eleven days.
> Comments or questions are welcome, but should be addressed to PCT-L list
> that all may benefit from the knowledge as I have.
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* From the PCT-L |  Need help? http://www.backcountry.net/faq.html  *