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Re: [pct-l] Purist and Etc.

When a person says this guys a purist or this guys not, it creates fiction.
> Mountain Climbers are some of the worst in these little " Judge Wars ".
> climber saying his or her climb had more meaning Because????? Thru-hikers
> should hike their hike and not use judging words like those above. Don't
> another's trip down if it doesn't meet some preconceived idea of what a
> thru-hike on some trail is. It just brings discord ( to be mildly put )

    Don't ask me why but people always bring this competitive nature to
hiking the long trails.  All you hear is; "I have the lightest pack, I'll be
at Manning first, I can live off a bag of rice for a 100 days!"  Who cares,
get out on the trail and enjoy it, or sit at home on the net and just tell
everyone your glory stories!  Life's too short for infinite squabbles over
demographics!  However if I have one hiker gives me a ration of shite when I
pull out my (nice heavy ) Walkman when I'm out on the PCT this year they may
find themselves being chased by a wild Alaskan wielding a ice axe!
Now get out there and enjoy the freaking trail!

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