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[pct-l] Poison Oak remedy

In response to John Driver's note about looking for poison oak remedies, I 
can tell you that my husband got from his dermatologist a few years ago a 
prescription ointment that is WONDERFUL.  I didn't believe him til I tried 
it, but you only put it on twice a day and after about the 2nd application, 
the burning & itching are much relieved.  And it all clears up after just a 
few days.  It is pricey, however.

It's called:  Clobetasol propionate cream USP  0.05%  (a synthetic 
corticosteroid, an analog of prednisolone).

I'm definitely bringing some along along with some Tecnu to be used if I know 
I touched the bush in anyway.  (Also, previously when I knew I'd touched it - 
I rubbed on a LOT of Dr. Bronner's soap just as if it was Tecnu.  I think the 
trick is to get the urishiol (sp?) off your skin as soon s possible.)

Laraine Kate Downer
"Uphill Wandr'r" - PCT 2000!
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