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[pct-l] Purism


My definition of "supported" means that a support team has food and 
waiting for you at resupply points but you carry your gear down the trail.

If you carry only the gear necessary for the next leg and have the support
team carry the rest ahead until you need it - maybe that's "slackpacking'
and maybe that's just like using a driftbox.

Jim Owens once defined a PCT "thruhike" as getting from Mexico to Canada in
one hiking season and under your own foot-power -- any danm way you want 

Jim Owens is right on.   If a hiker uses the Postal Service or UPS to carry 
food or gear for him/her, he/she is walking a "supported hike", so I doubt 
that there are or have been many "purists" in the long-distance hiking 

The HMS Beagle -- that's purist.

-- Dave
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