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[pct-l] Re: editors and karma

> I totally sympathize.  I just had a incident with the above I thought I'd
> share.  I interviewed a manager of a large website for an article, and she
> mentioned she might be interested in a content editor for the site.  I
sent a
> resume and clips--no word.  I called--her assistant said, she loves your
> she'll contact you next week.  A month passes.  Finally, feeling I had
> nothing to lose, I sent the following email:

  I've really had the same experience!  Yeah I'm sure most on this list
wouldn't be surprised!  I hate the non-reply.  LIE I say!   "Something" at
least instead of the silent forever which really drains you!
Hey I've had very good results from just badgering the hell out of editors
who were not so quick to respond.
PS yep the BAD one.

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