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[pct-l] Slack Packing

 What does slack packing mean??? Really , I don't know. I plan on hiking from 
border with two days food plus all my gear to the kick-off. I am 
self-contained. I will pick up my extra food at campground. My first trip 
down this trail , I used 19 resupply drops. I wish I'd used a few more. All 
the light gear in the world doesn't matter if you have to pack twenty days of 
food, which is where the real weight is.A wise purist resupplies as often as 
possible. Why pack 30 lbs of food for 10 days when you can pack 15 lbs. for 5 
then resupply? In the old days, I did the 70 lbs thru the desert with water 
and all. Now my body is weaker , but my brain is stronger. Resupply as often 
as possible. Slack Packing must be something a clerk from Sears does before 
the big sale in the Men's department.
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