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[pct-l] Shoeshoes vs crampons for the Earlybirds

 Just got back from an overnight hike in the Olympics. I hit snow in four 
miles following a river, then postholed only 2 and a half miles in 2 feet of 
snow. This was the kind of snow that looks firm , but breaks through when you 
put your weight on it. Even though I was wearing shorty gaitors, my legs got 
shreaded. (My little slumberjack bivi tent was great as was my homemade 
alcohol burner, though the tent poles are fiberglass and will not last long) 
This brings me to think, a heavy hiker may look into bringing some light( ala 
MSR 22 inch) snowshoes if going early past KM. These would be well worth 
their weight yesterday . Campmor sells MSR snowcats for 49 dollars which 
really work well ( A friend used them at whitepass last month) I would pick 
up a pair and if not needed past KM, you could have a 49.00 bon fire  as they 
are all plastic but the built in crampon cleats or mail them home at next 
chance. Earlybirds do need some type of crampon or sleep late and take 
snowshoes. And of course,ya ya ya, you may wait till Jardine day and forget 
everything, June 15th or something??? 
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