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[pct-l] My PCT 2000 TREK WEBSITE

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Hi Everyone,
Is everyone ready for their trips yet??
 I just recieved the last of my packages from my sponsors, now comes the fun part of repacking everything into my 33 resupply boxes.
I look forward in seeing everyone at the adzpctkop I'll be arriving April 26 or 27 and will be spending till May 1 at the party. I might stay till May 7 and start then (my 40th bday). 
I just returned from Seattle on a training trip and had a great time camping and hiking at Olympic 2 days of rain and 1 day of sun. At least I know my raingear works good and the tent does not leak. After that I spent 2 days at Mt. Rainier camping at the base of the mountain and went up to Paradise for a day of hiking. Snowing like crazy on the first day (great camping). I was able to get to the 9000 ft area before I had to go back down. The weather was perfect on top and I cant wait to see the photos I took.
I have my website up and running check it out at www.pct2000trek.org and let me know what you think.
I'm doing my trek to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House and to complete a life long dream. I started planning my trek in 1974 when I first heard of the PCT and was going to do it in 1981 but was not able to do it then. So I figured that my 40 Bday would be a great time to do the trek.
Please feel free to become involved in my fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House by making a pledge from my website.

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