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[pct-l] Teknu

Teknu is a mixture of Stoddard Solvent (sold as "paint thinner" at hardware 
stores) liquid soap and skin lotions.

The Stoddard solvent dissolves the Poison Oak oil that causes the problems, 
the soap dissolves the solvent in the water you are washing with, and the 
skin lotions help prevent this rather harsh combination of chemicals from 
trashing your skin.

For about $2 you can make a gallon of stuff equivalent to Teknu.

Also about 40% of the population has little or no reaction to P.O., but 
like all allergies, it can pop up in a formerly resistant person after 
repeated exposure.

FWIW Teknu was originally developed to clean radioactive fallout from 
RadCon suits. Kinda neat when something useful pops up out of the Cold War....


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