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Re: [pct-l] Where's your margin for error?

"Anyone who is interested in the GoLite pack should know that your shoulders
will need breaking in too."

   Yeah and bring lots of aspirin for all the migrains from the pain and
tension coming up from your shoulders.  My question is where's your margin
for error?  This pack is only designed for 20-30 pound loads.  If you have
to pack an extra 10 pounds of water during a dry spell or a big spring storm
blows in and you need your heavy winter gear, this pack won't handle those
loads.  I feel better with  the extra free space and a nice cushy hip belt
to handle the load.  When I'm out thru-hiking this year am I going to have
to bail people out that are running too light and lean?   This Go-light
philosophy is a double edged sword someday you're going be out there in the
wilds lacking something.
I've alway's been lucky I can handle the extra weight ( only 15 extra pounds
more then go-lite) over long distances, but I've seen why it does work for
others.  There were a lot of people on the AT overburdened and dealing with
stress fractures and so on.

   One thing that never changes if I'm going lite or heavy my foodbag is
always around 15-20 pounds leaving town!

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