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Re: [pct-l] updated Cal guide book

Brett Tucker wrote:

<< For those of us still clinging to our older copies, can you fill us in 
 briefly on what sort of changes were made to the Cal guide book's format? 
 Any changes to the section delineations? Maps? Water source detail (in 
 general)? What makes the new guide different, besides the updated trail 
 route information? >>

I am slowly going through the new book and finding a lot different from my 
1st edition, but then I expected that.  The lineation of the trail has 
changed substantially from that in the '70's.  I have looked at most of the 
lineation from Campo to interstate 10 and found that there is a substantial 
amount (~30%!) that was not there in '77.    I have always known that if I 
were to hike it again I would find the trail to be completely different but I 
guess that I didn't realize how much!  

Ohhhhh, I ache to stretch these long legs out again on the long and winding 

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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