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[pct-l] Warner Springs

 Can you still mail packages to Warner Hot Springs?? Also Marge, check out 
campmor for a set of 6 point instep crampons, really light for no-tech. 
hiking. Also how far is Anza post office from trail, never used it first time 
around. Bears, forget the canister, hang food properly, wristrockets are a 
fun past time and a well placed shot in the hindquarter makes bears seek out 
easier meals. See you at the kick-off. PS Don't forget to bring two mouse 
traps, this should be the 11th essential. Works better than a big zip lock, 
in which you need to suck air out when mouse climbs in for oatmeal bait. 
Bring a good lighter with a high flame for trapped mosquitoes in tent.
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