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[pct-l] Admin Note: No Bear Canister Flames

At 03:00 PM 3/25/00 , you wrote:

>Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 14:53:32 -0800
>From: "Reynolds, WT" <reynolds@ilan.com>
>Subject: RE: [pct-l] Bear/Food Canister
>You CAN NOT COUNT on a bear box while hiking through the Sierra.

Dear listers who may not have been around that long.

Tom Reynolds is a self proclaimed weekender who never intends to thru hike, 
and seems to be on a mission to get all backpackers in the Sierra to use 
bear cans. In the past this has involved lots of name calling (scoff-law 
was the most used term) and heated discussion.

I will not comment on his, or the opposing views, but I will caution all 
parties concerned not to begin yet another flame war on this one........... 
Search the archives if you really want to know.

-Brick Robbins
PCT List Admin

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