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[pct-l] Stealth Camping and Bears

As the Number 1 proponent of Bear Canisters I categorically AGREE with this
statement. If you stealth camp, hang your food and hike during the normal
thruhike season I have no problem with your actions. 

STEALTH CAMP!! That's the answer. People who insisted on
camping in those nice sites with the logs all set up as benches, where other
people often stayed, had tons of bear problems. Only a mile away in an off
the beat site I had none. Do not make a big smelly fire to announce where
you are. Eat a couple hours before you camp for the night. I firmly believe
proper hanging of food is an adequate measure.

I submit, however, this practice is hard [not impossible] to do. First,
there are long stretchs in the Sierra that have no trees suitable for
hanging.  What do you do then?  Second, what do you do when you roll into
camp beat and still need to hang your food? Third, what if you get delayed
and hike the Sierra during the normal bear season. What do you do then? 

What I object to is storing food in a tent .... not the practice outlined
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