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[pct-l] Snow update from VVR

Just a small update on snow conditions around Edison Lake. After a few
trips in on snowmobiles, the snow has been melting at a rapid rate in
our area. On 9200' Kaiser Pass, 15" melt in the last week. We are at 87%
of normal around the Bear Ridge, Edison Lake area but futher down the
hill at Huntington Lake area, is at 112% of normal. Much of the south
facing slopes are exposed up to 8500' looks like a close to normal
snowpac. This year we will have 3, 55 gal barrels full of food and
supplies at no charge from unclaimed hikers resupply boxes that we saved
for PCT hikers. Unlike years past the selection was poor until the JMT
hikers started. Any special needs please let us know. Good luck Class of
Butch Wiggs
Edison Lake, CA
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