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[pct-l] The Ronco " Turbo 2000 Alcohol Burner "

> Yes hikers, the Ronco 2000 turbo stove is just the thing you need. Just
> an alcohol burner out of the Sierra Zip stove. First insert metal donut of
> inch less diameter into zip burner, cram fiberglass batting between donut
> wall of the zip burner and TaDa. Douse with several ounces of Alcohol ,
> on fan, light and stand back. Should give an XGK a run for it's money.
> Anyway, the little tuna can cooker does have twice the output of a normal
> alcohol stove. As far as which is more efficient,  I would say a traingia,
> only because I pour on the fuel for a better burn  as light though.
> is twice as light though. My version is built for heat ouput, no simmer
> I use alum. dryer venting pipe for my metal donuts, super light and thin.
> Just cut with a pair of tin snips and drill a hole in each end of metal
> strip, fasten with a 5 cent nut and bolt. A two dollar piece of of drier
> will make 25 tuna stove donuts. ( total time to make a burner 15 minutes,
> another 10 minutes to make a combo pot stand, windscreen) Tin snips cost
> dollars at any hardware store.
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* From the PCT-L |  Need help? http://www.backcountry.net/faq.html  *