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Re: [pct-l] updated Cal guide book

>From: "Paul Nickodem" <Dharmabum64@worldnet.att.net>
>I love how well set up the new editions are. Now I can't wait to get out 
>there and use them!

For those of us still clinging to our older copies, can you fill us in 
briefly on what sort of changes were made to the Cal guide book's format? 
Any changes to the section delineations? Maps? Water source detail (in 
general)? What makes the new guide different, besides the updated trail 
route information? I'm trying to decide whether I should order a new 
edition, or call for the latest supplement while attempting to dig up last 
year's cut-into-pieces guidebook sections. One feature that would be most 
welcome (for thru-hikers): perforated pages, or 3-ring binder.

As for Volume 2, I don't believe WP is updating the guide book proper this 
year. But a supplement may be available.

Perhaps someone else can answer some of these questions as well.

- Blisterfree

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