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Re: [pct-l] potassium

At 04:04 AM 3/20/00 , Jim Owen wrote:
>Are there any vitamins that are really depleted during heavy physical
>exertion? We take multi vitamins, but otherwise eat pretty badly and have
>always done fine.

Athletes have argued over this one for ever and ever. The hype from the 
folks that sell supliments has added gasoline to the fire.

Your body can do pretty well on whatever you feed it within reason, but the 
lingering question is always "could I have done better." Controlled studies 
on humans are impossible. Add in genetic variation, that question can never 
really have a certain answer.

My general take on all the stuff I've read is that if you consume lots of 
different fresh foods, you won't have any problems. As your caloric needs 
go up, your food consumption goes up and your  vitamin intake goes up. 
However most of what we eat on the  trail is not fresh..... A multi is 
probably adequate, but I'd personally take some extra vitamin E and C.

Women should probably take extra calcium, especially with a thru-hiker's 
calorie restricted diet:
I read this:
 >>The subject may be great fun to debate for men, but there is a serious
consideration when it comes to women ultra runners. Studies show that
low energy intake in women results in higher levels of stress hormones,
which deplete calcium stores more rapidly. That can lead to serious
levels of bone loss. The losses are corrected when additional calories
are taken during training.  <<

Here is an interesting discussion of "Real Food"
This is just the first paragraph:
 >>First of all, what is "real" food? Are Coke, M&Ms, pretzels and
Snickers "real" food? From which tree were they picked? How about
condensed milk or Ensure - are those "real"? How about honey - is it
"real" or is it from the Bee factory? Is anything from MickeyD's "real"?<<


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