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[pct-l] Cloud 60 For Sale (And Next?)

After one several day hikes and one overnight, I've
reluctantly concluded that the Kelty Cloud 60 I bought
last month is too big for my slight frame, so I'm
offering it up for sale: best offer over $400 (It
retails for $550).  

As you know, this is a white pack, so it has incurred
a few grass and scuff marks.  Also, I trimmed the long
shoulder strap adjusters by a few inches. 
Nevertheless, the pack is virtually brand new.  Aside
from the fact that I'm too thin and short for the
pack, it's a terrific pack, and I hate to part with it
(not to mention searching for a pack that DOES
work--I'm looking at a Moutainsmith Mountainlight
3500, Short Torso--any thru-hikers with experience
with this pack?).

Pete "Powerful Tiger" Haskell

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