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[pct-l] Svea's still Hot

 Don't overlook the Swedish " Hand Grenade ". The Svea was the top stove of 
the 60's and 70's on the PCT and AT. The Svea weighes 18 ozs and boil a quart 
of water faster than an alcohol boil a pint Of course its heavy compared to a 
3oz burner, but time has proven these stoves as durable as a gas stove can be 
made. I would pack an alcohol burner to Kennedy Meadows, mail a gas burner 
there and use white gas for a month, then go back to the alcohol . Mail white 
gas stove to white pass if finishing late. ( Of course Tom's favorite , 
canister stoves are light and work well in all areas of the trail if you can 
find canisters or have them sent ) If I'm going into the frozen zones, I take 
an ice axe and gas burner. PS  Protein vs Carbs, read up on Lewis and Clarks 
1805 trip. Men ate a 9 lb. meat diet day after day. Theres no doubt that a 
diet high in protein works fine on long trips. Eskimos also back this thought.
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