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RE: [pct-l] The BakePacker

>>Wait a second. I looked at that web site and it says the BakePacker 
>>weighs 8 ounces. That's a far cry from 4 let alone 3 you mention. What 

>>You say a cake can require 1.5 cups of water. Does that mean you pour in
an inch or so, get it boiling, and then 
>>over time add more water to keep it boiling at around an inch high? 

Weight: There are two BakePacker Models. The smaller one weighs 4 ounces
>>BakePacker Ultralight
>>5 3/4" (14.7cm) in diameter. Fits 6" (15.4cm) or larger cook pot. Weight
4oz (114g).
>>1100300002 * $16.49

Water: You pour enough water into the pot to just cover the BakePacker grid.
A pot with a 5 3/4 ID works perfectly when you remove the outer ring and
uses the least water. You then bring the water to a boil and keep it at a
slow boil for 12 minuites or so depending on altitude. 

Stove:Using a stove that is adjustable very little water boils off because
it is a closed pot [has a cover] This brings us back to the original
question. Could you use an alcohol stove? Maybe. The slow boil times
reported indicate that it might work very well.

Fuel: I use a butane stove. [Primus Titanium with a MSR windscreen and a
custom "star" to hold the windscreen] I think I use 2 ounces of fuel per
meal but this is hard to calculate. 

My Meal: My meal usually consists of boiling a pot of water for soup and
rehydrating powdered food. Cooking a cup of standard rice [12 miniutes in
the BakePacker] and baking a Chocolate [If I get my way] Cake [12 minuites
in the BP}. My fare is typically, hot soup, a bean [reconstituted] and rice
[real] burrito and hot chocolate cake.

Disclaimer: I don't do "stealth" camping. I always camp at a primo spot. 99%
of the time there is plenty of water.

  ** Ken **

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