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RE: [pct-l] Today's tip

Will the BakePacker work with a Trangia stove or must I use something 
more "traditional" like the Whisperlite or a canister stove like my 
Primus Alpine something-or-other?

While I don't think I'd take a BakePacker on my AT hike coming up I can 
see the appeal of being able to bake some things on the trail sometime. I 
also like to eat.

  ** Ken **

On 3/17/2000 11:46 AM Reynolds, WT reynolds@ilan.com wrote:

>As many of you know, I carry a BakePacker on the trail. I cook my own cake.
>Monte and Jim should check this 4 ounce device out. Monte because he likes
>to eat, Jim because baking becomes really worth it when there are two people
>at camp.

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