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Re: [pct-l] Alcohol VS Mr. MSR

PS Alcohol is light but I
> have never got into the 5 to 6 minute boil times claimed with any of my
> alcohol burner. Is this per cup?? Not quart for sure. My east german stove
> works well. Maybe I just lucked out.
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  Yeah Monte it this 6 minute boil for real or fantasy?  I mean a gas stove
going like a welding torch is just 3-2 minutes faster, that has to be under
ideal conditions like in your back yard with a cooler of beer close by and
the steaks sizzling on the grill and "oh geez that seems like five minutes!"

  I'd love to try the tuna can thing though..can somebody email me a copy of
that design..ok I ignored it the first few thousand times it was posted..I'm
I may give it a try until the High Sierras when its back to old trust Mr.
Dharmabum64 PCT 2000

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