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Re: [pct-l] salt

>From: "Scott Thompson" <sdt@metro.net>

>>blisterfree says:
>>"Table salt is a refined, depleted, and harmful version
>>of naturally occuring salts, such as sea salt. "

>Ummm...really? Where does your salt come from? Maybe other areas have other 
>salt sources, and I'd be facinated to hear how
>they are depleted of potassium, phosphorous, etc. prior to being boxed and
>sold. And does this make them "harmful?"

Here's an interesting article discussing the differences between refined and 
unrefined salt.


The gist of the story is that many of the processed table salts contain only 
sodium chloride, along with various stabilizers and enhancers, whereas the 
natural salt compounds contain a host of other minerals in combination with 
sodium chloride. The processed salts appear to be harmful because the body 
doesn't absorb them properly, nor does it know to flush them away when 
consumed in excess. If you believe this article (admittedly, they are 
selling sea salt on this site), then you might be surprised to learn that 
unrefined salt can be consumed in any quantity, and the body will simply rid 
itself of the excess.

- Blisterfree

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