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[pct-l] salt

blisterfree says:

"Table salt is a refined, depleted, and harmful version
of naturally occuring salts, such as sea salt. "

Ummm...really? Where does your salt come from? Mine comes from salt
evaporation ponds around SF Bay. Farmed by Cargill, formerly Leslie, IIRC.
No fancy labels, just "Salt."

Maybe other areas have other salt sources, and I'd be facinated to hear how
they are depleted of potassium, phosphorous, etc. prior to being boxed and
sold. And does this make them "harmful?"

ObPCT: I was never much of a salt eater in Real Life, but during my hike
last summer, I sure did develop a craving. Guess I was sweating a bit :).
Then again, I craved Snickers but I never had chocolate dripping into my
eyes. hmmmmmm...

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